KOC University Hospital

Organ Transplantation is a serious need in all over the world. Koç University Hospital offers organ transplantation in a high quality level based on an advanced global standard of care.

The mentor and the chief of the Koç University Hospital Organ Transplantation Center is the worldly renowned transplant surgeon Professor Münci Kalayoğlu, M.D. Dr. Kalayoğlu served as the chief of the Wisconsin University Medical School Liver Transplant Center. He is also recognized as one of the 20 most innovative pediatric surgeons alive today in the world.

Koç University Hospital Organ Transplantation Center offers kidney, pancreas, liver transplant operations by an internationally experienced team under the leadership of Professor Burak Koçak, M.D. and Assistant Professor Turan Kanmaz, M.D. Koç University Hospital Pediatric Organ Transplantation Program offers kidney and liver transplant operations.

Choosing the right transplantation center is very important!

Organ transplantation does not solely consists of the operation. It includes pre-transplant and post-transplant processes as well. It requires a multidisciplinary care, therefore a high quality of laboratory, operation rooms, pre and post operation care and intensive care unit (ICU) and imaging services is necessary during the transplantation process. Koç University Hospital is fully equipped with the latest technology and offers advanced surgical applications. The organ transplant surgeries at Koç University Hospital performed by our highly experienced organ transplant team in a fully equipped hospital based on the cutting-edge technology, results in high success rates.

Koç University Hospital Organ Transplantation Center offers the following procedures:

·  Simultaneous kidney, liver and pancreas transplantation

·  Donor kidney removal through laparoscopic technique (intervention through belly button) or robot assisted technique

·  Pediatric kidney and liver transplantation (simultaneously or separately)

·  The Center works with the first EFI accredited immunology laboratory in Turkey.

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