Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity. 'Hippocrates'

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Story of Yashfa: Successful Pediatric Liver Transplant

Story of Abdullah: Pediatric Liver Transplant 

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getcuredinturkey.com is an innovative medical travel and consulting institution which provides high quality and reliable medical treatments to international patients who want to get medical treatment in Turkey.

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Our philosophy is shaped by our thorough analysis of the healthcare sectors:

  • · We provide high quality ‘total health care’
  • · We only work with JCI accredited health providers. Additionally, exclusively with the ones that are always on ‘the patients side’ and provides personalized services as if serving their own families. 
  • · We prioritize health services and your well-being among any other services we provide. 
  • · We value honesty, fairness and respect for every individual. 
  • · We respond immediately to your needs 24/7.

Organ Transplant in Turkey with a full medical care

Your comfort, your health, your life is our priority.

  • We are an organization that provides ’total health care’ not a vacation
  • We will give you the best healthcare in Turkey 
  • We have many partnerships but only with  International hospitals in Istanbul and also in other cities. 
  • We do medical tourism Turkey with care, trust, respect and honesty.